Monday, February 17, 2014

Keeping it real. Actual occurrences brought on by baby

Just a little post to let you know what's been happening to me over the past month or so...

While folding clean laundry, the dryer buzzed, so I went to switch loads, then went back to the back of the house for another load to put in.  Ten minutes later I realized I was sitting in the living room FOLDING THE DIRTY LAUNDRY I had brought from the back.

Went into the kitchen for a snack.  Was feeling nauseous so I noted to myself that I must eat something with protein. Returned to my book with a plate full of nothing but pickles. Proceeded to eat all of them.

Turned on the stove and put the pressure cooker (empty) on to warm while I got out ingredients. Found myself lying in bed talking to Simon about 20 minutes later, when I remembered.  The pot was so hot it was bright red on the bottom and it broke in half after it cooled.

Painted my fingernails one evening. Woke the next morning to 8 red fingers and 2 naked, forgotten thumbs.  !!!

Took a shower and decided I should shave my legs.  As I was lotioning said legs post-shower, I realized that I had shaved about three strips of my right leg and nothing else. Including the left leg.  Do not remember making the decision to reverse mowhawk one leg.

While cooking, I had a thin plastic cutting board next to the stove. I took the frying pan off the stove to remove contents, and placed it (unintentionally) directly on the plastic sheet. Melted a hole in the board, which then stuck to the pan, and to the counter top. Eventually had to scrape the plastic off in small strips.

There are more...but I forgot them.

However, things ARE getting better around here, and I'll have more positive, interesting things to say soon!

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