Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Coming Soon

Well, hi.  

Yall.  This has gotten out of hand.

I have no other way to start!  It's been so long...I got to wanting to write something again, and then had just absolutely no idea how to go about starting up again.  Shame.  Guilt.  Frustration.  

So...to heck with all that.  I love to write, and no excuses for living and letting things go in between times.  

Here's Abreviated Update.  More to come in more regular posts.  I just can't stay away!

Caleb and Lyla--happy and hearty.  Lyla will be 2 in March and I'm gearing up for a super awesome birthday party, which, at this point in the plans, is going to be kitty-themed.  She loves 'em.  Whether or not she will receive an actual cat has yet to be determined.  Though it is being considered!  That's another post idea for another date.

The house is happily clean today...spent most of my time yesterday working on it, and I finally am back into the regular routine and swing of things since the Christmas Crash.  Don't lie.  You had one too.  Although it probably didn't take you this long to recover!  You should have seen the dust bunnies I sucked out from under our bed.  No.  I am glad you didn't.  We got several new home accessories for Christmas, which I will share.  Anyone else  kind of dread big new things?  Not because they aren't awesome--we got a new entertainment center that rocks my socks off. But now I want to paint the living room, so the colors look better, and the living room paint happens to stretch through the entire house.  Hence the dreading of newness.  It makes the rest of the house need newness, too.  

Valentine's Day is coming.  I have a really fun project for that one.  Anyone heard of Bacon Roses?  Oh, get ready.  

So.  There's my icebreaker post.  More to come...I promise!