Friday, August 30, 2013

Loving Living in OKC

Well, hello there.

This is me, returning, with lots to say and share.

Let's just jump right in, shall we?  Lots of news, and an "R" theme to organize it all.

Yep, it's big.  And wonderful.  We've moved from Wichita Falls to Oklahoma City.  Been here almost two weeks now.  The short story is this:  Simon got a job.  In the oil and gas industry.

Reaction to Relocation:
This:  WOOOHOOO!  We love it.  We are grateful to the Lord for the blessings he has given us in this opportunity.  Simon is LOVING the job (this is his fourth week), and we have the promise of continued and growing career and abundance in this thriving field.  Again, may I say, woohoo!

Results of Relocation:
There are many, of course.  Far too many to share right now.  I'm already brain cataloging all the things I want to write about since we've moved.  But here are a few:

1.  We are no longer actually Texans.  This has been big for me, mentally.  I absolutely love Texas, and it's a prideful thing to be from there.  When I lived in Italy (for a semester in college), the Italians were always delighted we were from "the Texas!"!  It was like an old western movie to them.  Loved that.  Loved telling them I rode a horse to school as a kid (sorry, scuzzy Italian guys...but you kind of deserved it).  However, I wear the tiny Texas necklace my sweet sister gave me and keep it thereby literally close to my heart.  And, as far as I can tell, OK isn't a step down by any means.

2.  We found the most amazing school for Caleb.  It's called The Academy of Classical Christian Studies, and, oh, be still my classically-educated, scripture-loving heart.  Seriously, check this place out:  This is the Dream School, one that we were hoping to imitate with home school if we'd stayed in Wichita Falls...but, no WAY could I ever have done it like this school does.  The entirety of the education is designed with the end of creating careful, independent thinkers who live and think and see the world through the lens of the truth of Scripture.  I desperately wish I could return to school and be educated in this way from the ground up, so to speak.

This has been THE thing I have been most excited about, in our move.  Nothing else even comes close.

3.  The school has provided an almost instant community. If you've ever moved to a new city, you know how difficult it can be to "break in," and find like-minded friends, fill your days with ANYTHING, and generally feel like you're actually LIVING there.  Wichita Falls was especially difficult for me (though that was due, in large part, to the almost immediate pregnancy and the resulting months of sickness that kept me from making friends or even leaving the house!).  This place has been the absolute opposite, and it's because of the school.  An immediate, welcoming community of moms and dads who value classical Christian thinking!  It's almost too good to be true.  Except it is true!  I've already been to playdates, the zoo, an amazing coffee place (coffee slingers), and a Bible study.  And...less than two weeks, like I said.  Awesome.

4.  We have been camping out for, again, almost two weeks.  Our furniture?  Still in Texas.  At our old house (anyone need a cute little 3/2/2?).  We intended to only live with our current possessions for a few days.  That turned into longer.  Currently we have these things in our house:
2 pots
1 coffee maker
2 coffee mugs
Washer and dryer
Paper plates
Plastic silverware
4 large blue plastic cups
Cleaning supplies
One laptop
I literally can't think of anything else.

Things we DO NOT have here:
Things upon which to sit.  Of any kind.
A microwave
Non plastic table settings of any kind
Almost ANY toys.

So.  Needless to say, the last few week have been interesting.  Lots of picnics.  Lots of lying on the floor, dragging pillows around so we don't have to lie down completely.  Lots of inventing creative things to play instead of having toys. (Who can sweep up the most dead bugs in the enclosed back porch?!?)

Just yesterday, we got the internet and oohhhhhh my goodness what luxury.  The iphone was getting pretty old.  You just can't stalk people on FB with a phone, you know? ;-)

And the 5th RESULT:
5.  Joy!  I have been joying in the newness, in the excitement of discovery, in the school, in the new job (which hubs loves), and, more importantly, struggling to joy in the unknown, the looming, the scary and the downright not good (two house payments?).  It's been SO easy and SO hard, simultaneously.  Seriously, I can go from the highest level of thankfulness and enthusiasm, just to crash (so hard) three seconds later, worrying, worrying, worrying about any number of things. And these are not small things--most of them.  And the Lord has been so faithful to help me SEE myself slipping into doubt and worry, and even more loving to offer forgiveness, and the sweet hand of grace, to help me out of my muddy, slippery pits of despair and worry.  He is so faithful, so abundantly full of grace.  He grows me so minutely and so largely all at the same time.  My soul thrills with joy, joy, joy at the thought of all that he has given us in this new season.

More to come--so much more!--as we move and settle in.

For the future:

1.  A tour of the most 1960ies house still in existance today (our rent home).
2.  A discussion of the road habits of Oklahomans.  I am surprised by the differences.
3.  Photos of the cutest little kid in a school uniform you ever did see.
4.  A list of mistakes I have made in moving.  Adding to this list this upcoming weekend, as we get our stuff.
5.  Lots of growth and changes--and continued struggle to reform myself in the lovey image of our Lord!

See you again soon,  I promise!

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Katie Norwood said...

Abbie I'm sooooo happy for you! I can relate so much to what you're going through. We've moved A LOT, so this rings true. So glad about the job, the school, and all your joy. Wonderful. Also, you are an amazing writer. Really talented. It just has a quality and voice to it that I want to keep reading! Please do post more. Hugs!